SkyPriority Services On top of the SkyTeam benefits, SkyTeam is also providing top services on the ground with SkyPriority. SkyPriority is offered exclusively to Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members and to passengers with a First Class or Business Class ticket.

Using the SkyPriority services will speed up your departure, transfer or arrival, meaning you spend less time at the airport. Find the SkyPriority signage at the airport or use the SkyPriority Finder and enjoy the following services:

Priority check-in areas

Enjoy a dedicated check-in counter with fast check-in and courteous service.

Priority baggage drop-off

Check your baggage at special drop-off locations quickly.

Priority service at ticket and transfer desks

Access priority lanes at our ticket offices and transfer desks.

Faster security and passport clearance

Where available, access dedicated lines to help clear you through immigration and security faster.

Priority boarding

Board the aircraft first or at your leisure through the priority boarding lane.

Priority baggage handling

Grab your bag first off the carousel with priority delivery from the aircraft to the bag belt.

SkyPriority services: exclusively for our most loyal customers

Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members – being SkyTeam Elite Plus members – and passengers with a First Class or Business Class ticket can make use of these services. Our ground staff will recognise you because of the SkyPriority indicator on your boarding pass. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

On showing their Silver Elite membership card, our Flying Blue Silver members are allowed to use priority check-in, priority baggage drop-off, and dedicated Silver boarding at airports serviced by one of the SkyTeam airlines.

Please note that all SkyTeam services mentioned above are subject to Terms & Conditions. For more information and to visit the websites of the SkyTeam members, please visit the SkyTeam partner overview.

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