The French Red Cross reunites families

Thanks to your donation, families have been reunited after years of separation

Each year around the world, hundreds of families are separated and thousands of people displaced due to armed conflict, natural disasters or humanitarian crises. With the donation of your Miles, the French Red Cross has been able to help reunite families, some of whom have been separated for several years.

One family from Angola lived in separation for 5 years. The father shares his story of how the Red Cross helped him find his family:

“I had been imprisoned for political reasons, but managed to escape. I could only find my eldest daughter to take with me when I fled to France, the rest of my family was in hiding in another part of Angola. Having suffered some serious threats, my wife had had to make the difficult decision to leave our 3 children with their grandmother and go to France. In the beginning of 2013, I ran a search with the Red Cross to find my family. I found my wife, but my 3 children who stayed with their grandmother were unreachable. The Red Cross eventually found them in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was not until December 2015 that our family was finally able to be reunited at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. The 3 flight tickets for my children were fully funded with Flying Blue Miles. Today our family is rebuilding a life together and trying to make up for lost time.”

The gratitude from the people that the Red Cross was able to help with your donation is immeasurable. The opportunity to give and support is so rewarding. Find out more about what the Red Cross is doing thanks to your Flying Blue Miles.

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