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Discover the changes to intercontinental awards

Flying Blue made some changes concerning the award tickets.

For flights within Europe, we included the carrier-imposed international surcharge in the award flights, which means you don’t have to pay this surcharge separately anymore*. We also made more award tickets available on AIR FRANCE and KLM flights within Europe.

For intercontinental flights, we increased the number of award tickets and the upgrade possibilities. The carrier-imposed international surcharge was also lowered for many awards, meaning travelers had to pay less. Thirdly, the required number of Miles for most award tickets was changed to reflect the value of the award ticket better.

* Airport and Security Taxes are still to be paid separately

Key changes at a glance

1. Changes are for everyone 2. Much less to pay in Economy 3. More award availability in Business class
New rules apply to all members travelling on intercontinental award flights in all classes. When booking award tickets in Economy Class, the lowest number of Miles required remains unchanged. There will be more award tickets available in Economy. Plus, the carrier surcharge is significantly decreased, meaning much less to pay. In Business class, more seats will be available for award tickets. The required number of Miles will however be increased at the same time.

Our examples below make each change crystal clear

Just click on one of the changes below, organized by class. Our examples will give you a better idea of what the changes mean for you. Please note: These examples are merely indicative; no rights can be derived from these results.

Changes in Business Class and La Première


Click on a subject for details

A few changes to other types of award tickets

  • The Miles required for Flex Awards will increase. Compared to Classic Awards, Flex Awards can be changed without a fee.
  • From June 2013, Elite Awards on AIR FRANCE flights will no longer exist. Elite members will however benefit from additional award availability in Business Class on both AIR FRANCE and KLM operated flights.
  • From end June 2013, Promo Awards will be available with the new intercontinental award scheme, so you will be able to save 25-50% off the Award Miles usually needed for an award ticket.

Upgrading with Miles is now even better for you

More availability and possibilities for upgrades from Economy to Premium Economy and
Business classes on AIR FRANCE and KLM flights.

We’ve made great changes to improve your upgrade opportunities. For example, there are now 8 booking classes from which you can upgrade using your Miles. The required Miles amount varies per booking class. For an upgrade from the higher booking classes you will now pay less Miles. For an upgrade from the new booking classes you will have to pay more Miles.


When are the changes effective?

The new rules are effective from early June 2013 and apply to all Flying Blue members booking an intercontinental award flight from that moment on. Just book your award flight online at airfrance.com or klm.com.

For your convenience, you will still be able to book an award flight under the current conditions if you wish until the end of 2013 using current Miles and previous carrier-imposed international surcharge amounts. However, that will only be possible by contacting our Flying Blue Service Centre.


Promo Awards

Save up to 50% on Awards Miles.

Discover them all


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