Ukraine International Airlines

Ukraine International Airlines is Ukraine’s leading airline established in 1992. Its fleet comprises 20 modern Boeing 737 aircraft offering safe and reliable transportation to 70 destinations.

With Ukraine International Airlines, Flying Blue members can:

Earn Award Miles
Earn Level Miles
Earn qualifying flights
Earn Elite bonus Miles
Spend Award Miles
Extend the validity of Award Miles
Enjoy SkyTeam benefits worldwide

What are the conditions for earning and spending Miles with Ukraine International Airlines?

Flying Blue members can earn and spend Miles on:
  • Flights that are operated by Ukraine International Airlines and marketed as PS, AF or KL
  • Tickets with a booking sub-class that is mentioned in the table below
Flying Blue members cannot earn Miles on:
  • Tickets with a booking sub-class not mentioned in the table below
  • Tickets that were purchased with Award Miles: A and X
Please note that Flying Blue members cannot earn or spend Miles on the following flights operated by Ukraine International Airlines:
  • Flights on the route Kiev-Paris and vice versa
  • 1000-9999

How can I earn Miles?

To earn Miles according to the Ukraine International Airlines earning scheme, you must purchase a flight that is marketed and operated by Ukraine International Airlines. The distance you fly in miles provides a number that forms the basis of what you will earn. Your booking sub-class will determine the applicable earning percentage. Have a look at the scheme below and read more about how it works.

Ukraine International Airlines Accrual scheme (effective as of 01-12-2017):
Cabin Class Booking sub-class
Earn %
First Class N/A N/A
Business Class C, D, Z 150%
F 110%
Premium Economy W, Y 110%
P 100%
Economy Class S, E, K 110%
H, L, V 100%
Q, M, N 50%
B 10%

How many Miles will I earn?

The number of Award Miles you will earn depends on three important factors:

1) The marketing carrier and the operating airline
The accrual scheme of the marketing carrier determines how many Miles you can earn on your flight. It is easy to find out which airline is the marketing carrier for your flight. The two-digit airline code that comes before the flight number (e.g. PS 0123) shows which airline is the marketing carrier.

If your flight number starts with an airline code from one of the Flying Blue partner airlines (e.g. AZ 0123) the accrual scheme of that specific partner (in this case Alitalia) will apply, even if the flight is operated by another airline. Please check the relevant airline partner page for more information about the number of Miles you can earn.

2) The distance flown
The distance in miles between the place of origin and destination determines the number of Award Miles you will earn. Flying Blue offers you a minimum number of Miles when the distance you cover one-way is less than 500 miles. In this case, you will earn the minimum 500 Award Miles respectively. Please note that the accrual scheme also applies to the minimum amount.

3) The booking sub-class
Every cabin class is divided into different booking sub-classes, related to the fare you booked. The booking sub-class is specified as a letter on your ticket and will determine the percentage of Miles you earn based on the distance flown, as described above. Please have a look at the accrual scheme to check the earning percentage for your booking sub-class.

How does the calculation work?

Use our handy Miles Calculator to find out how many Miles you will earn with your ticket. An explanation of the calculation for earning Miles is given below.

Earning Award Miles
  1. The distance flown is multiplied with the earning percentage of the booking sub-class.
  2. The distance flown is multiplied with the earning percentage of the Elite bonus, if applicable.
  3. These numbers are added up.
Award Miles = (distance in miles x earning percentage of booking sub-class) +
(distance in miles x earning percentage Elite bonus)

For example

PS flight from Kiev to Tel Aviv (International flight: 1,283 miles one-way)

As a Flying Blue Gold member in Business Class – booking sub-class D, you earn:

Award Miles
Distance in miles: 1,283 Total
Booking sub-class: 150% Elite bonus: N/A 1,925
1,925 0

As a Flying Blue Ivory member in Economy Class – booking sub-class Q, you earn:

Award Miles
Distance in miles: 1,283 Total
Booking sub-class: 50% Elite bonus: N/A 642
642 0

How can I spend Miles?

With Ukraine International Airlines you can use your Award Miles to purchase a flight. Our Miles Calculator will tell you exactly how many Miles you need to spend.


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