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Platinum: for an exclusive way of travelling

Flying Blue Platinum is our highest Elite level and is designed for our premium travellers. You will get the highest level of comfort and luxury that we have to offer, and enjoy 100% more Award Miles on your flights.

What you need to move up to the next level

To upgrade to the next level, you need to achieve either one of the following thresholds per calendar year:

Membership level Required number of Level Miles   Required number of qualifying flights
Ivory entry level   entry level
25,000 Level Miles
(30,000 in France and Monaco)
or 15 qualifying flights
(Elite Plus)
40,000 Level Miles
(60,000 in France and Monaco)
or 30 qualifying flights
(Elite Plus)
70,000 Level Miles
(90,000 in France and Monaco)
or 60 qualifying flights

Platinum for Life

After 10 consecutive years of Platinum membership, you`ll become a Platinum member for Life! This means that you no longer have to reach the required threshold and that you will continue to enjoy all privileges you are used to, every time you travel.

Good to know

As a Platinum member, you know the ins and outs of the Flying Blue programme. It is our mission to make sure there will always be new and exciting features waiting for you. We are constantly improving and expanding our programme and are dedicated to find new ways to enhance enjoyment during your travels. Enjoy being Platinum, but remember to check the rules regarding Carry over Level Miles and Miles validity in case of a level downgrade.

Customer commitments

In the event of flight disruptions with AIR FRANCE and KLM, Flying Blue Elite members can count on a range of prioritised services that will minimise the nuisance:

  • priority notifications
  • priority rebooking
  • priority care and assistance in finding accommodation

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