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Air Europa

Air Europa

Established in 1986, Air Europa now boasts a fleet of state-of-the-art Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft with the highest quality and safety standards. Air Europa is Spain’s second largest airline. They are the only Spanish airline certified in all the areas of Quality, Safety and Environment.

Benefit from the worldwide network of SkyTeam partners

Air Europa is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, allowing Flying Blue members to enjoy the many SkyTeam benefits worldwide.

Earning possibilities for Flying Blue members:

As a Flying Blue member, you earn Award Miles and Level Miles on Air Europa-operated flights that are marketed as UX, AF, KL or SkyTeam. These flights count as eligible flights toward your Flying Blue membership level.

The number of Award Miles and Level Miles you will earn depends on several factors:

1) The marketing carrier and the operating airline

The accrual scheme of the marketing carrier determines how many Miles you can earn on your flight. It is easy to find out which airline is the marketing carrier for your flight. The two-digit airline code that comes before the flight number (e.g. UX 0123) shows which airline is the marketing carrier.

If your flight number starts with an airline code from one of the Flying Blue partner airlines (e.g. AZ 0123) the accrual scheme of that specific partner (in this case Alitalia) will apply, even if the flight is operated by another Flying Blue partner airline. Please check the relevant airline partner page for more information about the number of Miles you can earn.

The below accrual percentages of Air Europa will apply when you take an Air Europa-operated flight that is also marketed as Air Europa.

2) The distance flown

The distance in miles between the place of origin and destination determines the number of Award Miles and Level Miles you will earn. But when the distance you cover one-way is less than 750 miles on an international flight or 500 miles on a domestic flight, Flying Blue offers you a minimum number of Miles: in this case, you will earn the minimum 750 or 500 Award Miles and Level Miles respectively. Please note that the below accrual scheme also applies to the minimum amount.

* Domestic: flights within mainland Spain, between mainland Spain and Balearic Islands, and between mainland Spain and Canary Islands.

3) The booking sub-class

Every cabin class is divided into different booking sub-classes, related to the fare you booked. The booking sub-class is specified as a letter on your ticket and will determine the percentage of Miles you earn based on the distance flown, as described above. Please have a look at the table below to check the accrual percentage for your booking sub-class.

Remember to take into account your membership level when calculating how many Miles you will earn. The accrual percentages in the scheme below do not yet include the Mileage bonus for your membership level.

For example:

UX flight from Madrid to Amsterdam (909 miles one-way)

As a Flying Blue Gold member in Business Class – booking sub-class D, you earn:
  •  909 Level Miles (909 x 100%) and
  •  1,591 Award Miles (909 x 100% = 909 + 75% Mileage bonus)
As a Flying Blue Ivory member in Economy Class – booking sub-class K, you earn:
  •  455 Level Miles (909 x 50%) and
  •  455 Award Miles (909 x 50%) - no Mileage bonus applicable
Air Europa Accrual scheme (effective as of 01-07-2013):
Cabin Class Sub-Class % Accrual
  International flights  
First Class N/A N/A
Business Class J 150%
  C, D, I 100%
Economy Class Y, B, M 100%
  L 75%
  K,V, H, E 50%
  Q, R, S, U, T, F 25%
  European flights  
Business Class J 175%
  C, D, I 100%
Economy Class Y, B, M 100%
  L 75%
  K, V, E, H 50%
  Q, R, S, U, T, F 25%
  Domestic flights  
Business Class J 175%
  C, D 150%
  I 100%
Economy Class Y, B, M, L 100%
  K, V, E, H 50%
  Q, R, S, U, T, F 25%
Not eligible for accrual (all flights) O, X, A, N, Z, W, G, P 0%
If the booking sub-class stated on your ticket is not mentioned in the above accrual scheme, it means that your booking sub-class is not part of the agreement for accrual or redemption of Miles. Unfortunately, you cannot earn or spend Miles on this flight.

Please note that the purchase of award tickets or other similar tickets will not earn you any Miles.

Spending possibilities for Flying Blue members:

Flying Blue members can spend Miles on all Air Europa marketed (UX) and operated flights.

For more spending possibilities, please click here.

Please note:

Flying Blue members cannot earn and spend Flying Blue Miles on charter flights operated by Air Europa with flight numbers between:

• UX200 – UX999

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